World of Dookie-Poo Media

Dookie-Poo is our innocent, naïve and seemingly brain dead protagonist.  Although Dookie has a positive attitude he seems to always be met with the worst of luck in any given circumstance,  but that doesn’t keep him from trying something again and again and again, long past the point of reason.

Working with Dookie-Poo creator Manny Galan, I produced a number of promotional materials for his vinyl toys and plush.
Everything from commercials, postcards, flyers and artwork.

Prints and Flyer Art

Promos for conventions as other in person events. 

Movie Poster Spoofs

I love movies and and movie poster art. I made a few promo spoofs.

Dookie-Poo Fan Art

I made a number of fun illustrations with the Dookie-Poo characters for social media posts and fun.