I’m Euralis and I make stuff!

I grew up on a steady diet of classic Warner Brothers cartoons, 80’s Saturday morning shows, Godzilla, The Wonderful World of Disney, and Studio Ghibli.

I love the problem-solving aspects of filmmaking and storytelling and I bring all my creativity and passion for this work to every project I work on.

From art directing video games, animating promos for Nickelodeon, illustrating comics and kid’s books, and directing shows like Cartoon Lagoon, I am always looking forward to the next creative challenge.

My work can be seen on MTV, CNBC, Nickelodeon, HBO, AMC Networks, and Netflix.
I live in the New York Metro area with my husband and daughter.

2D Animation, Creative Direction, Storyboarding, Graphic Design, Character Design, Art Direction, Motion Graphics, Illustration, Compositing, Video Editing